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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our Little Helper

Noa is growing SO fast. I can not believe it...it is so strange to see this little baby become a little person! :)

Lately, she just wants to be involved in everything. When we eat pizza, Noa HAS to have a bite. Grocery shopping? Noa will hold the list, thankyouverymuch. Laundry can not be folded now without Noa holding on to the edge of the basket and tossing every article of clothing on the floor. I just love it.

It is so fun sharing life with her, and not trying to distract while I get something done, but have her involved in what what I do. It's really great.
Here we are folding laundry and putting tupperware away. I just love our little helper!

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r wright said...

she is growing up so fast, i can't believe that she is standing up! it seems like last July is a long time away when we saw her! enjoy this stage, it goes so fast! A. Rhonda