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Monday, June 8, 2009

Some Photos and an Update :)

Noa's first month FLEW by...seriously--so crazy. Here are some photos from our first few weeks home.

All is well here--I have made the decision not to go back to work just yet. I think I need some more time to develop a better schedule with Noa, and figure out how to work and have a little girl at home. Today I went for a run. The first time since before we got pregnant. I lasted about 15 minutes--pathetic, but a good start. :)

Bryce is doing well. He is crazy busy with responsibilities, and being a part of our church's softball team. He is the pitcher, and an all-star one at that. Noa and I enjoy watching and cheering.

Noa is doing well. She is smiling a lot more now and responding a little to our talking to her. She is a great eater, and sleeps most of the night--just gets up once around 4 am. She is also taking to her baths a little better. She screamed bloody murder the first couple times, but now she is kind of liking it. :)

Bryce and I had a date night this past weekend. (His idea, and my mom's help with baby-sitting---so nice!) We went and saw a friend of ours in a play, and then had a great dinner out an Italian restaurant in Philly. It was great!! So refreshing. :)It is good to feel a little more human.

I think that's all for now-write more later!
My favorite little smile...

Family Photo
Mo-hawking it

I love how focused she is. :)