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Monday, October 27, 2008


Well, this year's Halloween will be a bit different for us. Bryce will be out of town for work and I am here, for the weekend. So, we decidedly to celebrate our Halloween a bit earlier. On Saturday we headed down to our friend's house for a little party action. Now, to be honest, it was basically a high-school party...with lots of underaged girls dressing in way too little clothing...but hey-we needed a place to go and show off our killer costumes. So, we dealt. It made for good conversation at least.
Because I am pregnant, and Bryce looks good in short shorts, we decided to be Juno and Paullie Bleaker, from the movie: Juno. In case you haven't seen Juno--it's basically about a teenage girl who gets pregnant, and decides to give the baby up for adoption, after developing a good relationship with the "Mom" that would like a baby but can't have one. Juno is a cynical, somewhat outcast teen, while Paullie is shy and sweet, and on the cross-country team--hence the little shorts, headband, etc. It's a really fun, witty movie...
I am posting the picture of the real Juno and Paullie beside us. I'm not gonna lie, we looked awesome.

Who are the real Juno and Paullie?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Painting the Town Red...

Well, the Phils have made it into the Post Season. I'm so excited! So, they may have lost last night, but they are certainly not out--afterall, they are coming home to play the next 3 games! I am trying every method possible to win tickets...haven't been lucky so far, but I'm hopeful. :) On Wednesday Mom and I took the train up to the city for a Phillies pep rally. The players were already in Tampa, so that was a bit sad, but the Phanatic graced us with his presence and Mayor Nutter gave us a hearty speech as well. It was a good time. I needed a nice break from work too! Enjoy some pictures!

Mom and I taking the train into the city. What's with my right eye??

I love this picture of Bryce. He always does things to make me happy...like taking corny pictures of ourselves.
A giant Jersey...

A Philly Day...

City Hall...It was a really nice day, just a bit chilly...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

I totally love doing fall festive activities...even when I freeze my butt off. On Saturday we went over to Mood's Farm in Mullica Hill to go apple/pumpkin picking. Sadly, there were no apples...booo. But, we made the best of what we had. There were at least 25 of us, so we definitely had a good time. Micah is here visiting from Iowa (bryce's brother) so we got to show him a part of NJ he had never seen before-farm land! I'm sure he felt right at home. :) (and definitely heard about it from my friends!)
After a long morning of pumpkin picking, we went home and enjoyed wild rice and mushroom soup (DELISH) and homemade caramel apples...I'd say it was a pretty great October day. Here are some pix!

Annie-bananie and me. We actually got a little lost in the kids maze...oops.
Kofi and Chloe. I love these kids.

Bryce and Micah felt right at home on the hay ride. Except that they call it a hay-RACK ride in Iowa. Weird.

Hay-Riding it up...

We totally found pumpkins that like us...
The whole group...although some got cut out. Sorry guys, Farmer's fault.

Annalise and her baby pumpkin. She is so stinkin'
cute I can't take it.

Mommy, Daddy, and Poppy Pumpkins....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Is it contagious?

I stole that title from Mandy's post. : ) I told you all about the three of us pregnant girls at the conference in Harrisburg this week, but I wanted to show a picture to prove. Monica (middle) is 5 months, and Mandy (left) is 7 months. This is also the first shot of my belly. It kind of looks I just ate too much lunch, which is possible, except that it's hard, and doesn't go away when I suck in! So--Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

House Pix

Aunt Rhonda has requested to see some house pictures...it will take too long to do all of them right now, but I have some of our downstairs...which is really the best part because nothing else is quite done like we want them to be yet. : ) So--here goes.

Monday, October 13, 2008

A New Blog...

I thought it might be fun to start a blog, to show our family and friends what's going on, how big my belly gets, share some pictures, and just have a place to share some ideas and thoughts. I went through a Xanga phase awhile back, but hopefully this will be a place for both Bryce and I to share what's going on.
Thanks Monica for getting me started... :) Monica is a friend that I work with. As we work online, we don't have much of a face-to-face relationship, but she, along with Mandy and I have become cyber friends, and enjoy our time together when we do get to see one another! (Like today, as we are at a Professional Development in Harrisburg, PA.)
What's funny about the two of them, plus me, is that we are all preggo. Mandy is about 7 months, Mon is about 5 1/2 months, and I'm just about 3...so it's kind of funny. I'll try to put a picture up of the different stages of our bellies. So funny...

It's been a great Fall so far...just enough chill to keep me happy, and the leaves are looking really pretty. We've also been able to have some great bonfires in the backyard, and have loved watching the Phils kick butt in the post-season!! Go PHILS!

We have also been a part some really cool movements with Circle of Hope. Last weekend was the "soft start" of our Camden, NJ church plant--which was really exciting to be a part of. It kind of feels like we are embarking on something 'big'...I can't wait to see how things start moving and shaking in South Jersey. This past weekend we also traveled up to the Bensalem, PA area for a retreat with CoH. It was a Discernment Retreat where we all worked really hard to get out our big ideas, and our goals for 2009. It is amazing to see where we as the church has come in the past year, and it was cool to pour out our ideas on paper, and see where they take us in the next year. We also got to play some sweet games like "ga-ga", and a little kickball. I think my body was a little annoyed at me for doing so much physical activity after being lazy for so long!

Okay--that is probably enough for the first blog post. I hope you all enjoy, and come back again sometime! : )