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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Best Things About Spring...

Alright, alright, I'll admit: I've been a terrible blogger recently. So much going on around here, it is hard to KEEP UP with our lives let alone write about them. But here is my attempt to sum up our Spring. I know it's not over yet, but with Memorial Day being the "unofficial" Summer kick-off, we'll go with it.

The best things about Spring 2010, were....

10.) Learning to sew! That's right--I had my first sewing lesson this Spring...and it went pretty well! I wouldn't say I'm a pro, nor could I do it on my own the next time, but--I am definitely looking forward to lesson #2. My first project: curtains for Noa's room! I am very happy with the results.
9.) Marriage Workshop. A couple of months ago, Bryce and I attended a marriage workshop. It was a great morning...and I really think we came away with more listening exercises, and reminders of things we need to keep plugging away at. All in all, we really enjoyed it!

8.) Noa is on the MOVE! Walking all around...up and down stairs...in and out of cabinets...our little 1 year old has entered into a new stage of life--and boy is it exhausting! In the following pictures, you'll see some of her handiwork: pulling cereal and pasta boxes out of cabinets, and dumping them all over the floor. :)

7.) Backyard! We have had a backyard since we bought this house, but now it is finally in good condition..I am so pleased! Garden, clothesline, fire pit, jungle gym...it really is so nice to have our own little place to be and play!

Here is Noa enjoying her mini jungle gym:

6.) Well--I mentioned the garden, so I should probably mention the fresh foods we've picked! Yesterday, I picked a salad bowl full of fresh spinach, and almost every day we get a couple of berries from our strawberry plants. Here is our first strawberry!

5.) Phillie/Flyer Fever!! Of course, Spring means baseball season, and anyone who knows us knows that this is a special time! In fact, Noa already knows how to say "baseball". Bryce and I got to enjoy a special date a couple weeks back..taking half days at work to enjoy watching our favorite teams battle it out: Phils vs. Cubs! The Phillies won, but I think Bryce still enjoyed the game. :)
Our Flyers have also made it to the post-season in great underdog fashion! We have definitely jumped on the bandwagon for this one--watching our first games during playoffs, but that's ok--we'll cheer them on! They are currently down in the Stanley Cup Final series 2-0, but we'll see if we can rally them to victory!

4.) Our little girl...she is a gabber! Noa is learning words so fast--I can't believe it. She picks them up so quickly and is so dramatic as she says each one. Our favorite by far is "hot".

3.) Family comes to visit!! Bryce's mom and sister Emily were here at the end of April. It was so nice to spend time with them, watch them enjoy Noa and Noa enjoy them, and have some extra hands for a few days. We always love when they come to visit--and soon, Emily will be our new roommate! We are really looking forward to that. (I somehow have no pictures of their visit! :( )

2.) Summer is a 'comin! We have had so much fun in sun lately...softball games, sprinkler and neighborhood fun, and swimming!! Here is Noa meeting the sprinkler, and hangin' with my mom in the pool.

1.)Annnnnnd...the BEST thing about Spring--is my little baby turned ONE! Can you believe it? What a special time! 1-shaped pancakes, family and friends, and a "Hooray for fish"-themed birthday party fit with an awesome fishy cake! :) What an awesome Spring!