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Monday, January 26, 2009

26 Weeks Pregnant--6 months-ish. Poppy is growing!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Year, New Blog, Top 10...

Hello friends! Happy New Year!

So sorry it's been FOREVOR since we have updated the blog. Things have been busy and crazy, so time has been scarce, but we promise to be better at this now. :) I am going to put up pictures later today--I know some of have been anxious to see my pregnant belly. For now just an update.
I figure I will start with the top 10 things about my new year this far. Maybe Bryce will want to add his own later:

10.) Waffle maker. We got a waffle maker, and I think my breakfast life has been forevor revolutionized. Delicious. And Aunt Leisha--I promise that I'm not too bitter that you stole the original waffle maker we were supposed to have at Christmastime--we like our new one just as well thankyouverymuch. :)
9.) Seasons 1 and 2 of Gilmore Girls. I have decided that I am going to watch all 7 seasons through this year, even if it takes me until December. I have been checking out 2 discs at a time from the library in Gloucester City and it has been very fun. I love the small-town-ness of the show, and it's witty.
My favorite part of this story is, though, that when I was watching the last discs of season 1, Trudy, my librarian, leaned closer to me at the check-out in the library and said, "Don't worry hun, I already ordered season 2 for you." And then she smiled at me sneakily. Trudy's great.
8.) Basement shelving. Bryce took it upon himself to build some shelves in our basement for storage. We have had the most unorganized, dishevled basement of all time...I mean wrapping paper everywhere...board games and old books scattered about, and a dead mouse underneath everything--totally stinking up the place. But, after cleaning, organizing and shelving on Bryce's new, incredible shelving--our basement looks great! And, best of all, I found the dead mouse. :) It was a great weekend of fun this January.
7.) Church plant. We have been through a lot of ups and downs with the plant in Camden thus far. But the experience has been thought-provoking, full of prayer and love, and a really awesome point of growth already. I have loved how much time I have spent journaling, thinking, e-mailing, and praying for all of this...God is using this further our relationship--and that has been really, really good.
6.) New roommate. I love living with people. Rob has been no exception. I just like it. I don't have a lot to say regarding details...I am just glad he is with us.
5.) New seasons of great TV shows. 24...Lost...Scrubs...it's been a loaded couple of weeks. I'm thankful for DVR though--then we don't have to watch the shows when they're on, we can watch whenever we want. Fun, fun.
4.) Girl Scout Cookie season. Okay, so I haven't indulged in this favorite season on mine just yet, BUT--today I saw girl scouts on the sidewalk downtown...and I won't lie--my heart began fluttering wildly. I love girl scout cookies. You have no idea. My birthday is coming up. Feel free to purchase me a box of girl scout cookies. Also plan on NOT sharing with me. I'm kind of a pig about them. And, I love every single kind. Especially Caramel Delights.
3.) Fondue. Thanks to Grandma Knutsen, Bryce and I got a very complex and wonderful fondue pot for Christmas. What a great gift! Anyone who has a fondue pot buried in their basement by a dead mouse, go get it and ask me for some recipes. We did a fondue dinner the other night with some friends...I must say, I was impressed with my beef and chicken for cooking in fondue oil with not one but FOUR dipping sauces, my cheese fondue and baguette of bread, and my selection of fruits and dippers along with the excellent chocolate fondue. What a night!
2.) Babies. Finding out another best friend is pregnant, spending time with already-pregnant women friends and doing some "planning", visiting with my cousin John and his wife Blake and their new baby Gracie--adorable. Not to mention the fun of my own little Poppy. I'll save that one for my #1 part of the new year thus far.
1.) Poppy. I am totally in love with this kid already. I feel so attached. The insomnia, the backaches, the crying spells, the weird dreams...they are all so worth it for this little thing growing in me. Maybe she'll be an aerobics instructor. Maybe he'll be a sprinter. Poppy is an active one that's for sure. And I love her. Him. Something. I really do. 6 months down--3 to go!

Happy New Year again--hope I have inspired you to think about how life has blessed you so far this year too. :)