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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Season of Love

Today, as we make Valentines (pics to come) and think about all of the Valentine surprises we have in store for our friends and family, I decided to take a poll on what is loved around here. More to come, but I asked Noa first. Here were her responses, in order:

"Rosty the No-Man"
Joel n Lauren
"happy, dolly soul"
"pick me up"
"I way-ler" (IE: I am coloring)
"need a tissue pees"

More love in store to come!

For now, Hewletts

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Around the Hewlett House

What's been going on at the Hewlett house lately?

Here is the Top 8 List! (sorry, had trouble thinking of 2 more to round off to 10...)

8. Bread Making, and trying out new recipes, like Thai Red Curry Salmon (Mmm..) and soups galore.

7. Community living brunch. This consisted of all of our friends that live in our neighborhood getting together to talk about the ways in which we can be more intentional about our neighborhood, explore our community living dreams, and eat some darn good food. Brody and I also ended up matching, which was worth taking a picture of. He was being too shy to pose with me, but you get the idea. :)

6. Emmy & Noa take a trip to the Please Touch Meusam! We are lucky to have such a cool place for kids to explore. And with Groupon sending a great deal to us, Em was able to take Noa and have a great time. Here is Noa trying on a space suit, and riding a carousel--her favorite!

5. Bryce goes back to school! Bryce has started a program at Spring Arbor University in Michigan! It is an all online program, that is fairly intensive over 2 years. The program is in Spiritual Formation--something Bryce has always been interested in. We are excited for his new journey!

4. Snow, snow and more snow! Hard to believe that we are getting hit so hard 2 winters in a row with snow! But, we have all been enjoying it (somewhat) so far. Snow cream, snow angels, and walks in the snow--it's been a lot of fun. One day, Rob came over and played with the kids in the back yard. What a great time for kids...and hopefully Rob. :) Riley and Noa are especially fond of all things "snow".

3. Snow Days! With all the snow, come snow days. Unfortunately, there are no snow days in cyber school (boo) but when Bryce gets a day off, it really is so nice. Here is Bryce and Noa enjoying the ladybug tent on a snow day. :) 2. Home Renovations! I am going to include a slideshow at the bottom of the blog. I want to show you all the cool things being done but not all in the post, but I'll give you some clues: Piano (purchased on Craiglist for $150, probably worth $600), wood burning stove, exposed beams and lighting) Check for the slideshow soon!

1. A growing girl. Can you believe our Noa Claire is almost 2? We sure can't. She is something else, this girl of ours. The other day, I mentioned that she was going to start swimming lessons soon. She got so excited she started to shake...and immediately insisted on wearing her "baving soup". (shown below) She also went to the bathroom on her potty for the very first time! This girl is growing up--too, too fast!!