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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ready for our New England Adventure Dad!

My Little Autumn Pumpkin :)

Roadtrip Buddies

The view down to Lake Winnapasaukee

It's coming! Our scenic cruise

Here it is!

Waiting for our boat

An island with it's own house!

Captain Noa

Mama's Girlfriend

Daddy & His Girl

Sisters :)

Eskimo Kisses

First mates!

Enjoying the views aboard the ship

I love this little girl, snotty nose and all

Enjoying going up and down the steps on the boat


Such a nice day!

Mt. Washington

Sunday Morning

Fallen Beauty

Continuing to work on my photography skills

The view outside our hotel: Meredith, NH

A Pitstop to Green Mntn National Forest

My Daddy

Sadie's favorite part of the trip


We were chilly!

Hi guys!!

It was just so pretty...

The Hewletts take on the apple orchard, Stow, MASS

I found it..the perfect apple!

If I can't get it off, I'll just eat it up here...


Apple #3

Go, Em Go!

This apple picking is hard work

The best ones are always at the top

Don't sit under that apple tree with anyone but me...

Our Whole Crew

This way to the Red Delicious!

Stocking our bag

Why are we letting these fallen apples go to waste?

Putting the fallen apples back in the tree...

Apple Perfection