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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Have I Mentioned She Talks?

I can't believe it...my little baby is TALKING. What a strange concept to think that this little person will form words...which will turn to sentences...crazy!

Mama and Dada have been staples for quite some time, but we are now moving on to bigger and better things. :) Current Noa words:
  • "Bye" -- this usually occurs about 3 minutes after the person communicating with her says goodbye...she thinks about it a long time before she says it back :) Just her typical observant, cautious behavior!
  • "Eye" -- she is totally fascinated right now with eyes, especially cartoon eyes. I guess I never really appreciated how noticable eyes are! This is Moose A. Moose--her current favorite "eyes".
  • "Bath" -- This one might be my favorite, because when she says it, she tends to growl/whisper it. So cute.
  • "Cat" -- The most inconsistent of her new words...but definitely special when she says it!
  • "Bear" -- This has probably started because of her favorite 'lovey': "Night Night Bear". Our friend Riley has always had a "Night Night Baby"...when Noa started preferring to sleep with this bear, we began deeming it, "Night Night Bear".
  • "Baby" -- which is actually 'babe' at this point. Haven't gotten to two syllable words yet.
Just thought you might like an update on the new voice in our house! :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Birthday, Blizzard & Baby

This weekend has been fantastic. I mean really...pretty unforgettable in my book. It all started with a special birthday: the big 2-5! (on 2/5 none-the-less) It was a pretty easy-going day overall, with plans in the evening to head out to a new sushi restaurant I have wanted to try. I was joined by friends and family, and the night was really a good time. Thanks for coming everyone, much love. :)
The talk of the town on Friday had been the blizzard being monitored, coming up from the south. And as we sat and enjoyed a lovely birthday dinner....it hit!! My mom had been gracious enough to baby-sit Noa, but that also meant we'd have to make the trek to her house to pick up Noa in the crazy snow. Not so fun. Probably one of the scarier drives I've ever been on, but I am quite thankful for a husband who navigates the snow with ease! We made it home, and the snow continued to pummel South Jersey.
By the time we woke up Saturday morning, about 15 inches were piled on the ground, while the snow still fell. We sure as heck made the best of it...cinnamon rolls, homemade bread (my new favorite hobby by the way), playing, playing and more playing--it was an incredible Saturday. It only got better when we ventured outside to experience the snow. I am not sure what Noa thinks of it...she doesn't love when it hits her face, but she tolerated it at least. I also got to spend some time going on snow hunts, making angels, and crawling in igloos with my buddies Riley and Grayson.
As I sit and watch the SuperBowl with Bryce now, I am thinking that the memories made this weekend will be sticking around a while...between blizzards, a birthday, and that delightful baby I live with, how could it not be? Enjoy the pictures to follow! :)