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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kim's To-Read List

I would love to know what you are reading...

Here are some books that I plan to read this year.

The Creative Family: Every time I go to the book store, I walk by this book, pick it up and read some of the ideas. They are simple, hands-on activities, toys, games and more to do with your kids. I really love it--and definitely plan to pick up a copy asap. :)

Bringing it to the Table: Wendell Berry has been one of my favorite poets/essayists for quite some time now. He is a farmer in Kentucky, and is incredibly wise about food, and it's value. This is something Bryce and I are working on this year...intentional eating. I can't think of a better guy I'd like to learn this from!

Twilight: New Moon: That's right. I fell into the Twilight trap. I am certainly not OBSESSED by any means, but it does give me a chance to have something to talk about with my high school students--and they are pretty addicting. I am working on finishing New Moon right now, so I can then watch the movie and "rave" with my students. (and Monica!!)

The Inner Voice: A Journey from Anguish to Freedom: My cell group has just started reading this collection of journal entries from Henri Nouwen. Not only is a spiritual leader of our time, but his short entries are jam packed with tidbits to chew on...we had cell on Tuesday night, and I have yet to stop thinking about our topic of the night--The Inner Voice. I am looking forward to continuing to glean from Henri's wisdom!

Sara Snow's Fresh Living: You may have heard of Sara. She's kind of one of those "go green" experts... I have been reading this for quite some time. Lots of great ideas for environmentally conscience choices both in and out of our homes. I have learned so much, and continue to make changes in my life, as well as our family.

Culinary Herbs: Last year, my attempt at an herb garden was destroyed when I transported my plants from the windowsill to the backyard...and then went into labor--thus leaving me in the hospital while my herbs got pelted by a 4-day rainfall. :( Disappointing. Nevertheless, I will try again. I would also like to try to grow some non-culinary herbs like lavendar, eucalyptus and echinacea. We'll see.

Last--I thought I'd include some websites/blogs I've been into lately...maybe you'll like some...
http://www.suite101.com/blog/lucyjohn - Barb Hacker's blog--Barb is a holistic parent that I really enjoy...

www.improveverywhere.com -- These people are amazing, doing "improv" missions throughout the country and suprising the heck out of people. I just love them! Check out "Best Game Ever" and "Frozen Grand Central Station" for some of my favorites.

http://www.holidaysforeveryday.com/caljan09.shtml -- I love a reason to celebrate. Having a boring day? Check and see what you can celebrate for a "twist". :)

http://www.passionatehomemaking.com/ -- I like this girl. I don't have enough time on my hands to do all of her great ideas, but I love taking some inspiration from her.

www.found.com -- Check and see what kind of random stuff people pick up...sometimes they are way funny!

What's on your reading/blog list this year?


The Mangin Family said...

Woo hoo! I knew you would finally get on board! :) I think the Creative family one looks great. I would read books if my Dept. head didn't just take all my classes away and give me a completely new course load! Don't even get me started :(
Thanks for the blog shout out!
**Oh and this is so dumb, but how did you get your text at the top under the main pic???

Hewlett House said...

I added a gadget. :) (underneath the header) I can't believe I'm teaching YOU something about blogging!

Jen said...

Kim, I have The Creative Family! You should buy her NEW book, (The?) Handmade Home - then we can switch! :) You can borrow it anytime, let me know. She also has a blog that I read, soulemama.com

melruth831 said...

I like your choices. I might have to steal your to-read list idea. I just was reading good ole Henri today. Check out my response to what I read today! What a great book!