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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolutions...

We all make them. Even if we don't tell anyone, because we don't want to be held accountable, we've all got something we are determined to do "better", more often, add to our lives, or take away.
Whatever we decide, I totally LOVE the new year. I love this pseudo chance to start fresh because we change calenders and all of a sudden the dates start back at 01.01. My resolution is what you are witnessing right now--a determination to start blogging again. Ever since I was a kid I kept a journal. Infact, I have close to 20 journals filled to the brim with my thoughts and crazy ideas from the first day of 6th grade up until my sophomore year in college. I am not sure why I gave up then, perhaps I was just too busy, but blogging has given me a chance to start fresh.
I'm not sure I have much of an audience, but I do hope to keep engaging with my community of friends and family around the country via this blog. Please help me by sharing your ideas, questions, concerns about the posts, and I'll try and do the same on yours--if you have a blog. :)
I won't hold myself to the "you must blog every day" standard, however I do plan to write as often as possible. (you can hold me to this)

Wishing you all in blog world a very Happy New Year!

P.S. I leave you with the image I found when I went to wake Noa up from her nap yesterday...that's right--standing in her crib. We have entered into a new stage of baby-hood!!


melanie said...

Glad you're back to blogging :) Happy new year to you guys!!! Noa is getting so big and is so cute!!

Bryce said...

Thanks Mel! Yeah she really is getting bigger!! How are you guys doing? I will keep up on your blog again soon too!

Hewlett House said...

Whoops! Shouldn't have said Bryce--should have said Hewlett House or kimhewlett18 :)