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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Home Renovations, the Cheap Way

As many of you know, we are on the journey to some changes here in the Hewlett household. Bryce has a strong desire to go back to school, which would mean less work=less income, etc. The past few months have been budgeted and planned well--our expenses much more deliberate and intentional..."do we NEED this item?", "can we find a better deal somewhere else?" "can we get this second-hand?"
We have a few ideas on how to make things happen in our home this year, the "cheap", but more intentional way...here are some of our thoughts, maybe you have some too.

Accessories. At this time, we do not have the time, money or drive to take on a large painting project or purchase large furniture items, but we do have some interest in accessorizing. For one, I absolutely can't stand the lighting in our living room. Deep yellow and flourescent, and only in one place in the room--overhead. We plan to purchase a few lamps to change the atmosphere.
I also have this new idea for plants. I totally love house plants in other people's homes, but have never managed to get them in my own home. In the winter-time, I am definitely feeling the need to get some nature indoors. Any ideas on some house plants that require little maintenance but add a big punch to a room?
Art. Man do we need some art on our walls! It can be so difficult to find a piece of art that both fits in your color scheme, fits the size and space on the particular wall, and that you don't mind looking at every single day.

How do I go about doing this the cheap way? Second-hand lamps, sales on plants and plants that can also be substituted as art, homemade pots, and trash-picked/second-hand art.
I figured if I wrote this down, I a.) may inspire you to do some cheap renovations instead of picking up the new items, and b.) really go for my ideas, as I say I will. Often writing holds me a little more accountable than just the ideas in my head.
So there you have it. Living Room renovation plans for all to see. 1, 2, 3 Go!


Coujones said...

In regards to the plants, you can always take cuttings/splits from other peoples houseplants and if you baby them for about a month, they will get used to a new setting and grow happy for you! I have a peace lily or two I can share and a spider plant that has babies who have babies...I'm willing to share!
A couple of hooks in the ceiling and a hanging basket or two or a cozy window sill complete the look!

Hewlett House said...

You're the best Courtney! Thanks for the advice. I am so lost in garden world, but I am trying to learn! :) Hey--how 'bout Thursday for dinner? Bryce has cell, so just you and I can hang!

r wright said...

I suggest garage sales for the lamps and pictures, you can get some great deals, or let people know you are on the look-out, and if someone else is redecorating, you can get first dibs on there hand-me-downs. garage sales around here start the beginning or april, or sooner if the weather gets nice. good luck! A Rhonda

Coujones said...

aw girl, sorry I didn't see this until now! Thursdays are cell nights for me, so no good. I am free next Friday evening...e-mail me!