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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our Adventures in Florida

Well, we're back from Florida, but we have lots of stories!! So--here goes. We got to Florida on tuesday evening...for those of you who don't know, my dad lives in Palm Harbor, which is just outside of Clearwater. We decided that we were in need of a mini-vacation before Poppy comes, and it seemed like just the time. The sun seemed to know we were coming too--as the temp. rose from 50-something on Tuesday, to 70 on Wednesday when it was our first day there!

My dad also works for the Phillies for Spring Training, so we definitely got the 'hook-up' for a couple days...free parking, free admission, and basically seats anywhere in the house. One day, just above the dugout, another--on the left field line down on the field, and another up above first base. So fun! We also got to meet a couple of the players and see them all up so close.

We also got a day on the boat...in the Gulf of Mexico and spent some time on a little island exploring, fishing, and looking for dolphins and manatees...no luck though. :(The water was a little cold and choppy...

We spent a lot of time with family...some of my uncles, my cousins, my dad...we also got to see my two cousins at gymnastics practice, and in a soccer tournament. It was a really great trip!

Last night, we flew home...turns out, they overbooked our flight--we ended up in first class! So fun. We were referred to as Mr. and Mrs. Hewlett all night...and got to snack on Milano cookies instead of peanuts or pretzels. Haha--we lived it up a bit. :) Lots of pictures up...so scroll thru and check them out! ; ) Enjoy--and don't be too jealous.

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