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Monday, March 9, 2009

A Few "Baby" Comments to Share

Some people have asked, so I figured I would put it on here. We ARE indeed registered...at babyearth.com and a little bit at Babies R Us. Babyearth is a great little site with all sorts of sweet baby products that aren't as commonly found at they big baby superstores. I like that they are a little different and more eco-friendly.

Also--we have decided we are going to be cloth diaper-ers. I was turned on to cloth diapering by a friend I work with and she taught me the ropes...I really think it's a great thing--especially for us cheapo's that hate spending money! And the fact that they are environmental friendly is a big plus. Babyearth is one of the few places we have found that actually carries cloth diapers that we like, so that is another reason we chose to order from there. You can just go to Babyearth.com and click on Registry & Wishlist at the top of the page, and type in Kim Hewlett. You should see our registry pop up!

**P.S.: This is not a plug to tell you to buy us gifts!! I have just had many questions from family and friends about where we are registered/why we registered where we did so I thought I'd share! And--any of you expecting moms that are looking for a good, different place to register--you should check out babyearth. I have been impressed. :) Just read the reviews carefully if you are afraid of ordering things online without seeing them first...

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