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Saturday, November 1, 2008

I'm All Alone...

It is a little weird being by myself this weekend. Bryce is off galavanting in Buffalo, NY for a work trip, and he has left me here to fend for myself for a few days. Let's see what I've been doing for the past few days without him.
Well, Wednesday I went to my Mommy's and watched the Phillies win the World Series!! Can you believe it? The World Series! I have never seen the city of Philadelphia win a championship in my lifetime--so what an exciting moment! I think I might have had a tear in my eye the moment Brad Lidge struck out the last Tampa Bay Ray. :)
Friday, in order to celebrate, I took a half day of work to go up to the city for the Phillies parade and ceremony down Broad Street. I have never seen anything so CRAZY in my life! There were SOOOOO many people flooding the streets, cheering and celebrating like crazy, it was NUTS! Mom scored me tickets to the ceremony inside Citizens Bank Park so Laurie and I met at the stadium after a looooong, tiring day of walking, trying to connect with one another, etc. But it was definitely cool to see them make some speeches and get some Philly Phan treatment. But it was definitely a long day. I will put some pictures up soon so you can see what I mean.
Friday night I headed out to an annual party in South Philly that is called "Etharween", as it is thrown by a friend named Ethan. We didn't make it last year, but I was glad to go this year. He made it a mustache theme, and I decided to go as a milk advertisement. I packed on some white goop on my top lip, and carried around a glass of fake milk. I was pretty impressed with my simple/yet cleverly-mustached costume. We also did a lot of dancing. I love dancing. I mean, seriously love dancing.
Today I will be doing the necessary house work...fun, fun. Anyway, just thought I'd give an update on the last few days by myself. Oh--and I stayed in our house by myself for the first time--2 nights in a row! I'm so proud of myself. :)

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