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Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Engaged Anniversary to Us! :)

Tomorrow will mark the two year anniversary of Bryce and my engagement. It was a cold and rainy night...Bryce told me we were going out to eat in Philly with friends, who all of a sudden "couldn't make it" at the last minute. We had a nice dinner, and then headed out on the town. We walked around a bit...as the rain had stopped for a little. And we stopped at the stairs of Tenth Presbyterian Church. This church had been the first place Bryce and I travelled to together, and probably when I knew for sure I would be with him, one day. It ended up also being the church we were married in. It was pretty special for us.
Bryce sat me down on the stairs, and took out a poem, and began to read it to me. He then added his own lines...he was nice and smooth, I assure you. And out came the ring. It was a really wonderful and special evening.

I think we have learned so much in 2 years...most of all-how tough marriage is! Things I have learned through being married.

My advice for a good marriage/things I am learning about marriage:

Appreciate coming home to your best friend.
The things that drive you crazy about another person will probably always drive you crazy-so don't waste too much energy on trying to make them change.
You have to make a little time for just each other.
2 stubborn people=soooo many conversations that lead to not a whole lot of change in the end-but keep being willing to have the conversations!
Give in once in awhile.
Think of the other person, and what you can do to make them happy.
Play together, even if you're competitive.
Don't make big decisions by yourself!
Don't wait until something terrible happens to remind the other person how much they mean to you.
Say "thank you" and "I'm sorry"--and mean it!
Have secrets that only you two know about one another.

I think that's all for now. :)

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antoinette.gardner@gmail.com said...

this is a random question, and the answer is probably no, but... was that picture taken at the park in Clarks Summit/Chinchilla? I don't know the name of the park... the one with the soccer fields and it's pretty close to the Turnpike and all that.

also, it's great to read your 'pointers,' since I am always mentally trying to take notes and see what wisdom I can learn from all of the lovely Christian married couples that surround me.