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Monday, July 12, 2010

Come Alive

Last friday, our community was set to be graced by the presence of poet: Derrick Brown. Unfortunately, car trouble held Derrick off from getting to our little spot on the map, but my cell group spent some time looking at one of his poems. I haven't been able to get parts of it out of my head since we 'studied' it last week. I hope you enjoy. :)

Come Alive

Citizens of Narnia,
I must admit
I was a reluctant candidate for mayor.

I have shaken the hands and hooves of many
throughout this great land

And I must admit
for many, the beat inside has died.

A great sorrow overwhelms me
for even the drums in my chest are growing quieter each day.

When did we become a library of children,
shelved like great novels
no one has the time to read?

As mayor of Narnia
I declare that this day must be the day we come alive.
I will declare a day for dipping our hands in butter
so we can practice the art of letting go of what we were
and watch our hands emerge as telephones
so we can know our calling.

As mayor of Narnia,
I will declare a day of common sense
on behalf of waiters everywhere.
If you can't tip 15-20%,
then you don't get to go out to eat.

As mayor of Narnia
I declare a day for talking to the trees.
What are they saying? They're saying 'Climb me,
carve your future lover's initials into my spine,
sacrifice me for your books.
Every book, every page is my blood. I give this to you.
If it's a war for the lands of imagination, I am ready to die.

Go ahead-get young on this day.

Invite snow angels to a bonfire
and give them s'more-flavored popsicles.

Buy cereal with the worst nutritional value
but the biggest prize.
Go meet your prize.

Sing and misplace your keys.

Get a bad bowl-cut and love it.

See yourself dressing as a bull, waiting in arenas, armed
and rising from all fours
stabbing matadors
and saying, "Now how do you like it!
Set my brothers free!"

We're gonna fly kites in reverse
with the sail planted firmly in the soil
and our bodies on a string
sculpting clouds into the faces of people we miss.

We're gonna make thank-you cards
and rest them on soldiers' graves.

We're gonna raise a hand
in the back of the world classroom
and the answers we come up with
is to pull the night down
stare stars in the face
and reclaim lost wishes.

We're gonna capture the details.
We're gonna turn off machines.

We're not the dishes we pass.
We are the passion we dish.

If you've been away from Narnia for awhile, welcome back.

The kingdom is outside.
The kingdom is inside.
Today is the day we come alive.

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