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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Living Room Renovations

As I write this, I am sitting in my parent's kitchen, biting my lip and fingernails in nervousness. Why? My husband is currently demolishing our living room, and re-creating it into a new space, that's all!
This past July, we began work on our living room ceiling and walls. The goal: exposed ceiling beams, a potential wood-burning fire place, and bookshelves--lots of 'em. We got a good jump this summer--exposing the beams and putting up shelving, but there was still much to be done. Things like this get put off until January, however, when you run out of time and money!

Here is what got accomplished in July:

And this:
(except with bookshelves on either side of the brown wall)

Here are some of the looks we were inspired by:

This weekend, with the help of friends, shout-outs to our great friends: Joel Smith, Robert Scobey, Rob Lairmore, and Jarrod Shaffer, we hope to finish the exposed beams work and close up the sides with sheet rock, change the lighting in the room to recess lighting instead of the awful celing fan lighting, and make way for the fireplace we intend to have next Winter!

So far, I have no pictures...I'll get to see first hand how things are progressing tomorrow. But don't worry--I'll keep you posted! Keep your fingers crossed with me!

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