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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Exercising My Right to Try New Things!

So, I have always been under the impression that because of my background in dance/gymnastics, this is the only way I can exercise. Weight lifting and stretching like I would in gymnastics, taking classes that cater to someone experienced in dance, and the occasional run for the wanna-be runner in me has basically been my exercise for the past 25 years.

Last night, I tried something new and scary: SPINNING. What a rush! I didn't even think I'd be able to stay on the bike, let alone actually get a workout. LET ME TELL YOU... I got a work out. My legs are screaming and I can barely walk up stairs.

But I'm pretty proud of my accomplishment...I got over my fear, admitted I may look dumb, but that trying something new was more important than how I looked or my insecurities. I'll definitely spin again. Probably not again this week, (because I won't be able to move) but I'll do it again sometime.

You should try something new too...how about today?


The Mangin Family said...

I did a good bit of spinning before Mr. Callen arrived and it is fun! I def. couldn't walk for 2 days and my butt killed me, but it got much better over time. I always loved the music too! Good work Lady!
I start a new Zumba class in 2 weeks and I will be looking like a complete idiot b/c I don't have an ounce of rhythm in my body!

Hewlett House said...

Wish we lived closer, I'd totally ZUMBA with you!! They have that at my gym too...plan to try that next. :)