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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Travels (and a Blogging Break--sorry!)

Hi Guys!!

Sorry about the long anticipated blog update...life is just Crazy!!! So, here we go. Here is an update on summer so far in the Hewlett house! Our last update was back in June, so I will start with July just to get us all on the same page.
4th of July was spent in Long Beach Island, NJ (Jersey Shore) where my brother lives. This was Noa's first time on the beach--and it was great! She was a beach bum for sure. :) She slept on a blanket under an umbrella, and we even had a tent for her when the sun just got too hot. My brother also loved taking care of her...it was a really great time.
We also spent much of the weekend watching the Phils sweep the Mets (wahoo!) and enjoying good beach-y food. Bryce also had his first deep sea fishing experience with my Uncle Chris. He only threw up once, and he did end up catching a big old blue fish! Overall, he was glad for the new experience!

We also had another trip to the beach when we went down with our church body for ocean baptisms and a day of fun. We ended up just going in the evening, but it was nice to eat my favorite pizza and fudge in the world, and walk on the boards.
Most of our summer days have been lazy and calm. Noa and I work on sitting up, we go to Baby and Me Yoga and learn all sorts of streches and poses. She is also laughing and smiling and trying to talk. She does lots of "oooooohh"-ing and will often make her noises while I sing...I like to think she is trying to sing along with me!
Noa is also sleeping 12 hours a night...which is pretty much the best ever. She is an AMAZING sleeper, and super good with eating now too. Our biggest struggle as of late has been her carseat...this girl just does not like being restricted in this seat! :( Too bad it's the law. We learned this the hard way when we decided to take a trip out to Ohio and PA for not one but TWO weddings in one weekend!
Bryce sang in one wedding, and was a groomsman in the second.
Our friend Chelsey was the first to get married that weekend. She was a beautiful bride, (I unfortunately don't have a good picture of her though). We were also able to meet up with many of our college friends including Erica, Maggie, Steve, and Ash, and we stayed with Bryce's Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Brian-- It was great fun in Ohio!
Noa was also an angel...seriously, she was just so good, except for that whole carseat thing...that picture at the top is also from Chel's wedding. But, towards the middle of the reception, it was time to hit the road again for the second wedding of the weekend. Bryce was a trooper, driving through the night and getting us to Media, PA around 2 am. The second wedding was another college friend Dan, and his wife Anna Jane.

Well, besides that...life has just been the usual busy around here. Bryce got a pay raise at work and still has many church responsibilities--both of which are good but time-consuming!! He is also recently trying his hand at baseball, which he hasn't done since high school, but he is doing really great and loving every minute of it.
I am enjoying my last couple of days of maternity leave and working on finding baby-sitters for a couple hours a day while I work. I am finally getting anxious to get back in the swing of things! I will start with meetings in Valley Forge next week.
I guess that is it for now~again, sorry it took me so long to get this out there--I promise to work harder at keeping it updated!!

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Stephanie said...

love hearing what's happening, and she is so super cute! miss you!