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Monday, February 9, 2009

A Week of Surprises

Hello everyone!

It has been an adventerous week in the Hewlett household, to say the least. Let me share some of my many surprises...
Well, last Thursday was my birthday--the big 2-4. Can you believe it? I can't. And what I really didn't know was that I had a day full of surprises ahead of me...all involving food, which, to be perfectly honest was the best surprise someone could give me!

It started with breakfast in bed by Bryce...see pics below. I woke up to a sweet smell and started to walk down the stairs when I saw him coming up with a tray full of delicious-ness! So--I ran back in to bed and pretended to be sleeping still... :) Anyway, it was great.
Around lunch time, I headed over to my mom's, who decided to prepare a favorite meal of mine--coconut shrimp. Mmm... She also gave me a bag full of Girl Scout cookies. I'm easy to please.
For dinner, Rob and Bryce created a a fiesta of fajitas. I actually knew this meal was coming, I requested it, but what I didn't know was that all my friends were coming over too! Such a surprise. And so nice to have everyone over and not have to cook or clean a thing. :) It was a wonderful birthday!

The surprise got better on Friday when I had 2 Over the Rhine tickets in the mail, for a show that night! Over the Rhine are basically my favorite musicians...you can hear them on my playlist on this blog--or check them out on your own. You'll probably fall in love too--it's hard not to. The show was really great...the only problem was the surprising pains I had all over my body...I was blaming Poppy...until...

Saturday morning--SURPRISE! The Flu. And an upper respitory infection. Ouch. I had a terrible fever, ridiculous aches and pains in my body, and a chest cough that was really painful. What a sick, sad weekend.

Surprisingly, I feel a lot better today. Not 100%, but not o% like Saturday morning...I'd say...73%. Almost there.

Anyway--thought I'd share my surprises with you.

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