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Saturday, December 27, 2008

On the Third Day of Christmas...

On the third day of Christmas...we went to Grandma Knutsen's house. Did you think I forgot about the Advent and Christmas celebration? It has been with me and the story has been building but posting has been difficult because of the many activities of the season. Talk to me if you'd like to hear the full version. For now I'd like to put up a blurb about the celebration of the third day of Christmas.

From what I've read multiple myths have developed on the symbolism of the "three french hens". One that I'm particularly fond of focuses on what I consider the three-fold substance of the Christian faith: faith, hope, and love. These invisible gifts mean more to a broken world than any number of brown paper packages tied up with string (though I must admit that these are a few of my favorite things). From these spring peace, warmth, reconciliation, and perseverance to do what is good for the world despite the wrong that seems oft so strong.

In the spirit of this celebration I wish you faith in the good news of Jesus that light and goodness are spreading in the world; I wish you hope in his second coming when he will vanquish evil forever; I wish you love toward God and each other for tomorrow and every day in the years to come.

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